Week 7 Process Post

In today’s lecture, we enjoyed a short and sweet presentation on Giving a Voice to Your Writing from a classmate, Eva Delgado, then delved into the realities of fake news, including misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation. We then participated in an activity in which we were given headlines to research and determine whether or not they… Continue reading Week 7 Process Post

Wonder Woman’s Tips for Moving Out

Wonder Woman’s Guest Blog Post By Wonder Woman Hello, darling readers! My name is Diana Prince, but you may know me better as the Amazonian princess, Wonder Woman, and the daughter of Queen Hippolyta. I was sculpted from clay and brought to life by Greek gods on the mystical island of Themyscira. Through my training,… Continue reading Wonder Woman’s Tips for Moving Out

Week 6 Process Post

Today’s lecture featured a brilliant guest speaker, Mauvé Page, who discussed the specificities of design principles, critiquing, and typefaces, for both print and digital interfaces. Throughout the lecture, I found myself connecting back to my memories of elementary school. In grade two, we were told to start finding our own books based on our own… Continue reading Week 6 Process Post

The Fear of Postponing Happiness

“Do I delay my lifelong dreams for current responsibilities or… wait… what’s the “or”? This question has hovered and burned through brain about million times over the last year or two, more so since moving to Vancouver. I have dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, on my own hours and expectations, working for myself and with… Continue reading The Fear of Postponing Happiness

What happened to teenage sh*t?

How do satisfy my night-life tendencies in early bird Vancouver? One of the hardest things about moving from a South Asian household and a predominantly South Asian area in Toronto, Ontario to a diverse university on the Western side of North America has been adjusting to the hours of livelihood. The only time I’ve felt… Continue reading What happened to teenage sh*t?

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Am I selfish for moving out?

All the aunties warned me before I left, ” you’re going to miss your family”, “You’re going to be homesick “. I hated that they said that in attempts to make me feel bad for moving, but I know myself better than anyone. So badly did I want to say, “Okay, auntie I surely know… Continue reading Am I selfish for moving out?

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Week 4 Process Post

This week, I am to consider my audience and how my idea of such has impacted my plans for content. I, once again, find this activity and thought process unimaginably difficult. I find passion for creating so many different kinds of content – every day lifestyle short and long-form content, video game content, and perhaps… Continue reading Week 4 Process Post

Week 3 Process Post

In this week’s class and prior readings, we discussed where our content will live and how our websites will be designed – but I started to think more about my content beyond livingwithrajah.com. For years I have been obsessed with the lifestyle of a content creator, or perhaps a social media manager – its what… Continue reading Week 3 Process Post

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