Hey, my name is Praevalli!

I provide my young-adult readers with tips, tricks and experiences that will help their outlook on moving out, what to expect, and how to survive (just have fun with it).

I am an 18 year old Sri Lankan Tamil that recently moved from Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for university. I have lived in my childhood home my entire life. Being the youngest, and the only granddaughter on my dad’s side of the family, its not easy for my family to fathom this reality.

Long story short, I wasn’t lucky enough to secure housing on campus. Given that my campus is on top of a BC mountain, it wasn’t going to be easy to find a safe, convenient, and affordable housing for my first four months away… alone… and halfway across the country…

That said, I found what seemed best for me and, of course, put my parents’ minds at ease. I live in a Homestay of a very large Malaysian-Chinese family, with a dog, another Japanese exchange student, and a Caribbean exchange student. More on this in my blog posts

C’mon, get to the good stuff!

Fun Fact About Me: There was this super popular app when I was in middle school that said I looked like Oprah Winfrey –

Then it said that I looked like a K-pop star… so not sure how reliable it was…

In my free time, I am a freelance video editor and content creator. I’ll work with you to edit gaming videos and video essays that emphasize your special taste, that would otherwise be lost with outsourcing work!

Let’s stay in touch!

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