And that’s a wrap! – Tips, Fears, and Conclusions After Moving Out

I’m not actually in a plane right now, it’s an image from when I came here to add to the idea o… you get the idea… It’s been three months now, and I soon return to all that was once familiar – Toronto, Ontario. That said, we’ve been through a lot – first term of… Continue reading And that’s a wrap! – Tips, Fears, and Conclusions After Moving Out

I lived in a random family’s home office – here’s what happened

This one will be a doozy… On March 26, 2023, I accepted an offer to my dream university. This meant that I was moving halfway across the country from where I had lived my entire 18 years of existence – from Toronto, Ontario to Vancouver, British Columbia. Little did younger, naive me know that, I… Continue reading I lived in a random family’s home office – here’s what happened

Week 11 Process Post

Our final PUB 101 lecture covered topics of AI, a quiz to test our knowledge on the purpose of AI and AI-related topics, as well as an activity to discuss certain impacts of AI on life and pose a relevant question to the class. My group’s activity topic was AI and creativity – is AI… Continue reading Week 11 Process Post

Week 10 Process Post

In today’s PUB 101 lecture, we explored and completed two Google Analytics tutorials. Both of which were short, simple, and very informative. As a freelance YouTube and social media video editor, I am quite familiar with other forms of analytic tools beyond Google. I have gotten well acquainted with understanding each individual’s target market, their… Continue reading Week 10 Process Post

To My Children,

My advice comes from a place of experience, please hear me out. In no particular order – will you live the best you can? Personal recreation of Polonius’ advice to Ophelia in the Hamlet play by William Shakespeare.

Week 9 Process Post

Today’s lecture featured a presentation from Trevor Battye, another SFU professor, about marketing and monetization. Topics included examples of work and talks from Peter Thiel, Seth Goblin, and Steve Jobs. I loved his book and content suggestions from these individuals as I find them to be very refined and inspirational, based on my minimal research… Continue reading Week 9 Process Post

Week 8 Process Post

Today’s lecture covered the topics of copyright and artificial intelligence. In my opinion, the most interesting topic from the lecture was the discussion about Naruto vs. David Slater – it makes me wonder how the world is even real… In simple terms, Naruto is a monkey that got hold of a camera and was ‘talented’… Continue reading Week 8 Process Post

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