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British Columbia snowcapped mountains and clouds taken from a plane.

And that’s a wrap! – Tips, Fears, and Conclusions After Moving Out

I'm not actually in a plane right now, it's an image from when I came here to add to the ...
Praevalli sitting cross-legged on her bed in the Homestay.

I lived in a random family’s home office – here’s what happened

This one will be a doozy... On March 26, 2023, I accepted an offer to my dream university. This meant ...
Praevalli and her girl best friend reading on the train together.

Dear Girl Best Friend,

This is what a letter to my girl best friend back home, in Toronto, would sound like: I'm coming home ...
Praevalli and her boy best friend posed flexing their biceps at prom.

Dear Boy Best Friend,

When you see this, on January 6, 2024, your 19th birthday, I would have written this months before. You have ...
Intense fog at the Simon Fraser University (SFU) convocation mall.

Today’s World

I see them Anxiously checking their phones For text messages Or maybe an email from their doctor Then I realize ...
A person ready to bowl and the score tables and screens at a bowling alley.

To My Children,

My advice comes from a place of experience, please hear me out. Be open, always try things, anything. Try everything ...

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