Process Posts

The view of Waterfront, the water, and North Vancouver taken from a chair inside of the Harbour Centre. A laptop is visible in the bottom right corner.

Week 11 Process Post

Our final PUB 101 lecture covered topics of AI, a quiz to test our knowledge on the purpose of AI ...
The view of the night sky, lights, water, and boats taken from a downtown rooftop.

Week 10 Process Post

In today's PUB 101 lecture, we explored and completed two Google Analytics tutorials. Both of which were short, simple, and ...
Sunset visible from the fifth floor of an academic building at Simon Fraser University (SFU) Burnaby campus .

Week 9 Process Post

Today's lecture featured a presentation from Trevor Battye, another SFU professor, about marketing and monetization. Topics included examples of work ...
Large trees in a residential area taken close to sunset from the middle of the road.

Week 8 Process Post

Today's lecture covered the topics of copyright and artificial intelligence. In my opinion, the most interesting topic from the lecture ...
An orange and cloudy sunset taken from the Simon Fraser University (SFU) Burnaby campus Rotunda Roof.

Week 7 Process Post

In today's lecture, we enjoyed a short and sweet presentation on Giving a Voice to Your Writing from a classmate, ...
Crystal clear water beside the Lynn Canyon walking trail.

Week 6 Process Post

Today's lecture featured a brilliant guest speaker, Mauvé Page, who discussed the specificities of design principles, critiquing, and typefaces, for ...
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