Dear Girl Best Friend,

Praevalli and her girl best friend reading on the train together.

This is what a letter to my girl best friend back home, in Toronto, would sound like:

I’m coming home a week earlier than I told you – and you have no idea.

I’ve gotten your exam schedule, and roommate’s contact, so that I can come surprise you – after your exam on December 15 at 6pm.

By this point in time, you would’ve been surprised, utter shock at my unexpected early, and unprecedented visit to your dorm.

I hope it was all worth it. I’m sure it was considering how much you’ve told me you missed me. But, again, even when we lived 20 minutes apart (instead of 40 hours), we were the kind to only see each other every few months.

Anyways, I am glad to hear you and my mom are maintaining your friendship – especially since I’ve been gone. She’s known you since you were four years old, and now that she’s practically an empty nester with both kids quite far from home, she could use company like yours… even when she won’t admit it.

It’s hard to write something for you. Things are always left unspoken between us because there’s nothing to be said. We just get each other. Nearly polar opposites that magically click together like pieces of a puzzle.

Although I can’t wait to surprise you in a few weeks, I can’t wait for you to visit me here, too. You’d love it here – the culture, the city, the beaches, mountains, scenery, lifestyle – all of it. It all sounds like Toronto (except the mountains and beaches… concreate jungle much) but almost nothing is familiar. Yet, it’s all worth exploring, including all the cafes, restaurants, and jewellery stores that I think you’d spend ungodly amounts of money at.

Lots of my new friends know about you… “Praevalli’s Girl Best Friend (from kindergarten)”. Lots of things here remind me of you, so I always end up using you as my example of a friend that studies “in Toronto” or is “at **** University”. And, of course, I like telling them all about the dumb things you do and say… for no apparent reason. Like that time you caught my ex cheating during a chemistry exam… yikes…

Safe to say that you continue to be staple in life. Regardless of how little we speak, or how far apart we are, we are each other’s constants.

Dear Girl Best Friend,

I hope you know that you continue to offer this extraordinary and inexplicable aspect to my life, even from far away. It’s a bit of my fuel that gets me through the day. And, I think we both appreciate our lives at the moment. We both grow apart in order to celebrate together.

I know you’re okay, but I worry about you a lot. In fact, I worry more about you than nearly anyone else. I’m glad to know you’re breaking out of the “contraband” and strict rule era of your life and are exploring all that’s new; I just want to know that you’re being safe ,and mostly smart. I hope that you continue to keep me up-to-date and maintain your connection with family the way I know you will.

I hope you like your gifts – me and the goods 😉

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!

Love you always,

Your Best Friend,


PS. we still have to watch the new Minions movie >:(

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