To My Children,

A person ready to bowl and the score tables and screens at a bowling alley.

My advice comes from a place of experience, please hear me out.

  1. Be open, always try things, anything. Try everything.
  2. Struggle, feel bad, feel sad – it’s okay, you will learn.
  3. Rest is productive, but never waste a second of your time on this precious earth.
  4. Take your time. You’re never lost, nor behind, you simply have a different path to follow.
  5. Do things scared, but don’t be stupid.
  6. You can’t help somebody that doesn’t want to be helped.
  7. People will always have something to say, do what you want.
  8. Be powerfulnever give up your independence.
  9. Never punish yourself by starving or eating unhealthy foods.
  10. Know your thoughts, opinions, likes and dislikes before all the trends.
  11. What others say to you is a reflection of themselves.
  12. Don’t be rude, we’re all going through something.
  13. Don’t be afraid to love – love is beauty, pain, and everything this world has to offer.
  14. I believe, grief is love with nowhere to go.
  15. I love you, always.

In no particular order – will you live the best you can?

Personal recreation of Polonius’ advice to Ophelia in the Hamlet play by William Shakespeare.

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