Wonder Woman’s Tips for Moving Out

Suitcases, duffel bags, and clothes packed and ready to move out.

Wonder Woman’s Guest Blog Post

By Wonder Woman

Hello, darling readers! My name is Diana Prince, but you may know me better as the Amazonian princess, Wonder Woman, and the daughter of Queen Hippolyta. I was sculpted from clay and brought to life by Greek gods on the mystical island of Themyscira. Through my training, I excel in melee and hand-to-hand combat. I also hold the Lasso of Truth, which I use to urge others to reveal the truth, as well as a bunch of bracelets used to deflect projectiles. I like to think of myself as a symbol of love, peace and empowerment, alongside my fellow founding members of the Justice League.

That said, I am honoured to be able to share my thoughts on change, strength and justice through my journey from Themyscira to the world of mortals.

Adapt and Embrace Change

As many on Earth leave their homes for new beginnings, my journey away from the mystical land of Themyscira was obviously life-changing. It can be easy to get lost in all the new lands and experiences, even the overwhelming amount of new sights and sounds at times. Though, through it all, remember that change is a guaranteed opportunity for growth and adventure. It challenges you to escape your comfort zone, and even while it can be scary at times, it will throw you into a whole new world of personal improvement and transformation.

Find Strength in Your Company (including yourself)

I was once told that the more you fill your plate, the more you will realize you are capable of accomplishing. In other words, in times of uncertainty and struggles, we discover newfound strength within ourselves and others. Get comfortable with being in your own company – the majority of your time after moving will be spent alone so you might as well learn to love having yourself around. Not to mention, recognize the strong sense of discipline, bravery and perseverance you hold, even for committing to the move in the first place.

Furthermore, you are not alone in your journey. Find strength in friendships, mentor-mentee relationships, and perhaps your family. Continue to seek out and nurture your network of allies as they will provide encouragement and remind you of who you are when you are in need of it most.

Fight for Justice

While you are adapting to your new world and nurturing your new support system, remember that it is our shared commitment to fight injustice. Injustices can occur in various ways, from bullying to discrimination, and general unfairness. Whether it be on your school campus or out in the wider world, remember to stand for equality and truth, just as I.

With love (and empowerment),

Wonder Woman

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