Week 3 Process Post

A walkway outside the Academic Quadrangle (AQ) at Simon Fraser University (SFU) Burnaby campus, with a view of the mountains and trees on a sunny day.

In this week’s class and prior readings, we discussed where our content will live and how our websites will be designed – but I started to think more about my content beyond livingwithrajah.com.

For years I have been obsessed with the lifestyle of a content creator, or perhaps a social media manager – its what I strive to be one day. For a few years, I created videos, streamed weekly, and began editing for others to gain experience. However, keeping up with it all gets harder and harder with each week at high school and again harder with university.

Therefore, I established that, to take just a little step towards my goals, I would begin to post content on my Instagram. Posts are daily and stories are whenever I feel necessary, just to make it easier on myself for now. I’m learning about how to make it efficient and exciting, rather than draining with all the thought and processes creators go through to create daily content. So, we will see how it all goes, but I’m proud to have started at something again, especially while my more difficult creations, like my long form videos and streams, may have to be put on pause for now.

For my Instagram below for daily updates on my lifestyle and the happenings 🙂

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