Week 4 Process Post

An orange and cloudy sunset taken from the Simon Fraser University (SFU) Burnaby campus Rotunda Roof.

This week, I am to consider my audience and how my idea of such has impacted my plans for content.

I, once again, find this activity and thought process unimaginably difficult. I find passion for creating so many different kinds of content – every day lifestyle short and long-form content, video game content, and perhaps even tips and tricks for moving away to a completely new city alone at 18.

That said, I believe that in order to get to the point where I could create any content that I would like and have people follow along regardless, I need to start small with something niche. Something where I can choose certain hashtags to tailor my Instagram, for example, to a niche and grow some audience and gain experience doing so. For now, I’m sticking to lifestyle on Instagram, posting daily as I go about the ups, downs and mysteries of my new life in Vancouver. As for my other passions in video game content and tips and tricks, they may weave their way into this website and my Instagram, or perhaps stick to a YouTube channel.

I might be wrong about this notion, but I expect to learn more about what I want and how to feel with my content the more I spend time creating.

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