Week 6 Process Post

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Today’s lecture featured a brilliant guest speaker, Mauvé Page, who discussed the specificities of design principles, critiquing, and typefaces, for both print and digital interfaces.

Throughout the lecture, I found myself connecting back to my memories of elementary school. In grade two, we were told to start finding our own books based on our own interests. However, even at the ripe age of 7 years old, I would flip through a book with text that was completely bolded throughout and find myself exhausted within seconds. Then, research projects took priority in middle school instead. I quickly learned that couldn’t stand reading those articles with line lengths that took up my entire Chromebook screen.

That said, in this lecture, I found it particularly engaging to finally put words to the feelings established when reading different fonts, surfing websites. I like knowing that it is not just me that gets exhausted reading books with bolded text throughout and websites with super long line lengths.

Moreover, within any work I do, I struggle to find fonts and colours that compliment each other and work for the task at hand. I love the resources that Mauvé provided, like FontPair, as it will help me greatly to find the appropriate font pairs for my website and diversify my work further.

Finally, the topics of critiques covered gave me a strong basis to focus on when doing future peer reviews. This will help in allowing me to work more efficiently because I now know what to look for if I ever get stuck.

I am able to see myself using the shared resources and newfound knowledge from this lecture throughout my work with this blog, and in other applications in my life – meaning this was an incredibly useful and enjoyable lecture!

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